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Welcome :)
Congratulations, you found my personal sandbox.

I used to have multiple sandboxes on the OG Backrooms sandbox site, which was plausibly against the rules of that site. Fortunately, I eventually learned from that mistake and decided to move my stuff to a brand new site of mine that allows me to make as many drafts as I want.

My sandbox has it all: levels, objects, entities, tales, some upcoming groups, people of interest, phenomena, tales, joke entries, and themes. Anything that i'm planning to work on will be posted on this site. If you want to collab with me or make some minuscule, squeaky clean changes to my stuff, click here or you can just request me some additions to my site and its contents. I have lots of stuff planned for the future and I hope you have a great time with them.

So, what are you waiting for? GO READ MY CRAP!

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